I am offering translation between English and Mandarin Chinese,  my native language is Mandarin and Cantonese,  English is my second language, but many overseas customers do not have any problem communicating with me,  if you have a chance to talk to me or communicate with me via E-mails,  and if you compare with those translators or interpreters that you can find available online, you will understand that I am better than most of them.


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  1. Hi,

    This is Enrico from Indonesia. I need a translator service
    between English and Mandarin.

    I am purchasing a High Frequency PVC Welding machine from
    Dongguan. They are preparing the machine for the next one
    week. They will be giving me a training on the 26th until
    27th of August 2 PM. I stay in ShenZhen area.

    Please send me your offer and what are included in the service.

    The factory is located at
    Xiagang 4th Industrial Zone, Changan Town, Dongguang.

    Thank you,
    Enrico Limman

  2. I need a technical translation from English to Mandarin of four pages describing Bitumen. Can you help to do a professional job at a reasonable price?

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