1,  Technical Experts in electronics products.

Some of my customers are senior/lead engineers or architects in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, or both. When they have the products made in China, they will use my services to make sure that their partners in China understand what they need, or they want me to find the factory which is able to deliver their products. Some of my customers want to transfer some technologies to the manufacturers, they also need my help as you may know most of the engineers in China do not speak English or just speak a little bit.

2,  International Business People.

Some importers from the U.K., American, Middle East, or Australia want to find products in Shenzhen China, they use my sourcing service,  some of them only need my inspection service, or just want me to verify the factory and take some photos for them.


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  1. Not sure if you got my last message… please feel free to call me in HK +85293708379 to discuss translation at consumer electronics factory on Sunday and Monday.

    I have my own small business ODM consumer electronics, MP4 and Tablet computers.

    Please call or email re availability and rates.

    Sorry about contacting you last minute.

    Kind regards


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