Interpreter Shenzhen

My name is Borlin, male, 28, currently living in Shenzhen. I have plenty of free time and I would like to make a better use of myself. Besides, I have the mortgage to pay off.
I’ve been working in different factories as an international salesman/manager for over 7 years, I know exactly how to handle a factory. I can help with sourcing products, price negotiation and even quality control. It is better to hire someone who is just an interpreter, isn’t it?
I have lots of experiences in exhibition, either as an exhibitor or a visitor. The exhibitions were held in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong and USA.
I also have a nice car. It is convenient to have a personal driver, right?
I am a honest and easy-going man with a good sense of humor. I know so much about the Chinese history, culture and literature and I also have a good knowledge of western culture. Don’t be surprised if you find me to be your good buddy one day.
Here are my contact information. Feel free to contact me directly if you need any of my help. Thanks.
Cell phone: +86- 158 15484313
Borlin Luo

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