My ideal career goal is to become a mechanical engineer and electrical engineer, especially for the electronics products. Firstly because my education background in college is mechanical engineering, and also I have a few year working experience as a technician and customer service engineer at a couple electronics manufacturers, but as I enjoy the freedom, I like to be a freelancer, and I speak English better than most people in China, so I become a freelance translator from English to Chinese first,  I can make my living with that. I am doing a lot of ads online, trying to get more clients, and I like the clients that do electronics products or some products with technologies,  one reason is that I like it, the other reason is that not so many translators can do this job.


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  1. I need an engineering translator to communicate with a mfr in Guangdong.
    I purchased and have possession… of a servo controlled machine that does not work. It needs troubleshooting. The firm only has one person with some English skills but she has little technical knowledge.

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