My ideal career goal is to become a mechanical engineer and electrical engineer, especially for the electronics products. Firstly because my education background in college is mechanical engineering, and also I have a few year working experience as a technician and customer service engineer at a couple electronics manufacturers Continue reading


I am interested in mechanical and electrical engineering technology, my education background is mechtronics engineering and graduated with a bachelor degree, after graduation, I worked as a technician, customer service engineer, and Quality Control engineer.


 What I can do with Trade is to offer you services like product sourcing,  factory verification, price negotiation, sample arrangement,  pre-shipment inspection,  container loading supervision, shipping arrangement. Because I have a few year experience on pre-shipment inspection and a saleman in … Continue reading


I am offering translation between English and Mandarin Chinese,  my native language is Mandarin and Cantonese,  English is my second language, but many overseas customers do not have any problem communicating with me,  if you have a chance to talk … Continue reading