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I am a 32 year old technical man who offers professional translation and interpretation between English and Chinese, I also offer the following services:
♦ International Trade Consultants;
♦ Factory and Product Sourcing;
♦ Factory Audit and Product Inspection;
My education background is mechanical and electrical engineering,  most of the products that I am dealing with are electronics, especially consumer electronics.

Before I became a freelance translator, I used to work in a few foreign companies such as SGS, CSA, a Janpanese and a Taiwanese electronics companies, I worked there as a technician or inspector,  I was familiar with the manufacturing process, the product quality control, and also the international trade procedure.


Why you would need my services probably because you are facing some of the following problems:

Language barrier, your suppliers or clients don’t understand what you need or what you can provide.

Culture Difference,  this causes the misunderstandings between you and your suppliers or clients.

Product Quality, you are not sure whether your suppliers can deliver what exactly you need.

Delivery Lead, they always can’t deliver what you need as they promise, you will need someone to check and make sure they can deliver it on time, if not, when exactly they can deliver it.

Technical Issues, you don’t know exactly what happen here in China, and you need someone to be your eyes and ears, and someone who can understand those technical issues.

Shipping, you need someone to consolidate your shipments from various suppliers, 1, make sure you won’t get some garbage shipments, 2 save your shipping cost.


About Tide Lin

Male, 32 year old, 178cm tall.

Born in Shantou, Guangdong province, South China.

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical+Electrical engineering.

Technician in my home city Shantou.

Came to Shenzhen in 2004, have been living here since then.

Quality Control inspector in SGS and CSA from 2004 to 2006.

Technical Service Engineer in 2007.

Freelance technical translator and interpreter since 2007.

Good at English to Chinese translation, interpreting, product sourcing, inspection, shipping, coordinating, and etc..

Representing some overseas companies.


This is a self-employed translator in Shenzhen, I build this website http://www.techtradetranslator.com, trying to introduce my translation and interpreting services to the people from all over the world, especially the English-Speaking people who want to do business in China. Shenzhen is one of the biggest cities in China, it is also a young, clean and open city. If you come to Shenzhen, you will love the people here. I am a translator and interpreter with 8 year working experience with the westerners, and I love my job because I have so many opportunies to learn and grow with my clients, my clients all enjoy my services because I can always provide the services to meet their needs and they like my one-stop solution services which include translating, interpretating, product sourcing, marketing, coordinating and etc., some of my clients want me to be their representative and agent in China.

However, I still need to find a couple regular clients, and if you will just need a few days of my services, you are welcome to contact me.


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