I am interested in mechanical and electrical engineering technology, my education background is mechtronics engineering and graduated with a bachelor degree, after graduation, I worked as a technician, customer service engineer, and Quality Control engineer.


 What I can do with Trade is to offer you services like product sourcing,  factory verification, price negotiation, sample arrangement,  pre-shipment inspection,  container loading supervision, shipping arrangement.

Because I have a few year experience on pre-shipment inspection and a saleman in a trading company, I am able to offer you international trade consultants,  you will save a lot of time and have less risk dealing with your Chinese suppliers or partners.


I am offering translation between English and Mandarin Chinese,  my native language is Mandarin and Cantonese,  English is my second language, but many overseas customers do not have any problem communicating with me,  if you have a chance to talk to me or communicate with me via E-mails,  and if you compare with those translators or interpreters that you can find available online, you will understand that I am better than most of them.

Business has been quiet in Shenzhen China

Shenzhen is a nice city in October, and We as interpreters, are always very business during October and December every year, however we have not got many inquires from you, our customers for a long time, I don’t know why, but I assume that the business has not been very good, and our customers don’t even want to come to see their factories or suppliers in China, that is why they don’t need our services to help them succeed in business.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that we are still alive and in fact our team is getting bigger and bigger, and I just want to share a picture with you that was taken on a wedding for one of our members during the national holidays in China.

You are still and always welcome to send us an inquiry, and let’s keep in touch.



Interpreter Shenzhen

My name is Borlin, male, 28, currently living in Shenzhen. I have plenty of free time and I would like to make a better use of myself. Besides, I have the mortgage to pay off.
I’ve been working in different factories as an international salesman/manager for over 7 years, I know exactly how to handle a factory. I can help with sourcing products, price negotiation and even quality control. It is better to hire someone who is just an interpreter, isn’t it?
I have lots of experiences in exhibition, either as an exhibitor or a visitor. The exhibitions were held in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong and USA.
I also have a nice car. It is convenient to have a personal driver, right?
I am a honest and easy-going man with a good sense of humor. I know so much about the Chinese history, culture and literature and I also have a good knowledge of western culture. Don’t be surprised if you find me to be your good buddy one day.
Here are my contact information. Feel free to contact me directly if you need any of my help. Thanks.
Cell phone: +86- 158 15484313
Borlin Luo

Is it possible to get original parts for Iphone and Ipad

broken-ipad-repair What if your Iphone or Ipad not working functionally, will you need to replace the original mother board?

What if your earphone doesn’t work, will you be able to replace the original earphone.

How about camera not working?

What if you drop your Iphone or Ipad and it damages so badly. Will you be able to check and see if it functions? If yes, you are luck, you will just need to replace the “glass”.

Do you want to send your broken Iphones and fixed in China?

If you go to a local Apple store and repair your phone, you would probablly like to get a new one because it is too costly. However, if you send it to China, and they put a high-copy parts for you, it will function the same, and it is hard to see the difference between orginal and copy, but the cost is much different. That is why you want to ship your broken phone to China. However, you need to be aware that Not all the broken phones are repairable, only 80% of them are possible to be repaired.


Do you know that purchasing an Iphone or Ipad without 2 or 3 year subscription at a local service carrier is not affordable to everyone in China? It is also a good idea to ship the used Iphones or Ipads to China because local Chinese people are tired of copy Iphones. Second hand Iphones or Ipads are still welcome in China if you are selling them in a very reasonal price, but don’t give it to them as a gift, because of an old Chinese saying which is that if it is not something you like, do not give it to others.


Here are some technical terms that you might want to learn when you are searching for a good and reliable suppliers to fix your Iphones.

FPC (flexible printed circuit) 柔性线路板

ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) 异方性导电胶膜, You need an ACF tacking machine to attach this film to the glass/LCD before lamination.

How do you remove your touch panel from your Iphone? As you know, when you laminate your touch panel on the LCD, you need a film called ACF. so as a reverse engineering technology, you need to head this film up and use a small steel wire (smaller than this file) to remove it, of course, this is done by a touch panel removal machine ( Iphone LCD disassembly machine).

OCA (Optical Clear Adhedive) 光学胶 it is used in between cover len and sensor glass.

Cover len 盖板 is usually the top layer of your Iphone.

Polarizer is on top of the LCD glass, it is the top part of LCD module.

ITO (tin-doped indium oxide), it is an transparent layer for capacitive sensing of screen.

Customer technical support services in China

If you have some customers in China, but not so many customers, and once in a while, you customers need some technical support, but they don’t speak good English, so they hope that you can provide some technical support in Chinese.

Well, this is what I have been doing for my clients. I represent my clients to their customers’ companies, act as my clients’ technician, make sure their customers are comfortable and happy.

What is the future of a translator or interpreter in China?

long3 Some students like to study foreign languages in colleage, and some of them become a translator or interpreter, and some of them work as a translator for a long time before they become something else. But I think in China, translators do not like position for a long period, usually for a few years. Most of the translators are specialized in a certain industry, when they learn enough about their industries, they become something else. One of my friends, Kelly, she knows fashion a lot, after being a translator for a few years, she works hard on fashion and make some money out of this fashion business.

For me, I just want to be a translator or interpreter, but I want to become more and more specialized in the electronics product business, especially in the tablet PC, cell phone and some of the industrial electronics, because this is what I learned in college and what I have been dealt with in the past few years’ working. I know the electronics business keeps changing, and there are so many competitions out there, it is not easy to make money out of it, however, I have no other choice, will just keep on working. Recently, the hottest electronics device is probably the tablet PC such as Ipad, but I think the price of tablet PC’s will drop a lot in the near future, and the capabilities of tablets will increase, many manufacturers are working on that, so I see the future of Tablet PC business is going to be very good, that was why I started, I want to introduce some low cost tablets to foreigners. I even have a crazy idea, I think in the future, the specialized tablet PC (I would call it Dedicated Tablet) that is specific for a certain use will be popular too, one reason is that it is going to be affordable to everybody in the world, another reason is that more and more softwares are will be developed. People can afford to buy a small computer like tablet PC to handle just one thing, so I started as well.

Of course, if there is anything new in the future, I don’t care what electronics device it is going to be, I will keep an eye on  that. Another hot electronic thing I guess is LED, LED is very popular now, it is widely used in the goverment projects, but I think it will also be popularly used in the consumer electronics industry soon.

How much is an average daily rate to hire a translator?

A English to Chinese translator’s daily rate is from RMB300 (US$50) to RMB800 (US$120), depends on how good the translator speaks English if his native language is Chinese,  how good the translator knows your business,  his/her working experience and education background. Some young boys or girls, who just graduate from college with little working experience and don’t speak good English, try to improve their spoken English, so they will charge you RMB300 or RMB400 per day.

If you want hire a translator/interpreter from a translation agency, you will pay at least 50% more.

In Shenzhen, the average salary for all the working people is RMB4500 per month in 2010, this information is from the Social Insurance Department,  the actual number should be more than that, because some employers try to claim less salary so they can pay less to the Social Insurance Department.  From my estimate, the average daily wage for all the workers in Shenzhen is about RMB300.


My ideal career goal is to become a mechanical engineer and electrical engineer, especially for the electronics products. Firstly because my education background in college is mechanical engineering, and also I have a few year working experience as a technician and customer service engineer at a couple electronics manufacturers, but as I enjoy the freedom, I like to be a freelancer, and I speak English better than most people in China, so I become a freelance translator from English to Chinese first,  I can make my living with that. I am doing a lot of ads online, trying to get more clients, and I like the clients that do electronics products or some products with technologies,  one reason is that I like it, the other reason is that not so many translators can do this job.